green party

I’ve been trying to live greener of late. Cutting back on waste. Reducing, reusing, recycling. And I’ve also been eating a lot of vegetables recently, greens even, which make me feel like I might turn green. However, even with all this green-ness, I’ll never ever be as green as the green dudes I’ve listed below. Because this Thursday’s theme is green people.

So here we have them. Following up on the blues and the reds, we got the greens. Green people and green people-like creatures. Sporting green fur, green skin, green what have you.

Green People


  1. The Wicked Witch of the West, from the Wizard of Oz, the 1939 movie.
  2. Elphaba from Gregory Maguire’s Wicked: The Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West. Based on the green woman of Oz. (Also in the Broadway muscial based on the book.)
  3. The Green Goddess. The title of two movies from 1923 and 1930. (I’m not actually sure how green the goddess actually was, seeing as the movies were in black and white. But potentially green.) Also a salad dressing.
  4. The Jolly Green Giant. Big. Really big. Likes his vegetables.
  5. The Green Children of Woolpit. Two children who supposedly appeared in a village in England in the 1100s. And were green.
  6. Little Green Men. Aliens. From space. Who are green. And small.
  7. Yoda. Of the Star Wars series. Green, he is.
  8. Kif from Futurama. A little, green, long-suffering and sensitive man.
  9. kif.jpg

  10. Orions from the planet Orion, as featured on Star Trek. Remarkably human-sized, as green aliens go. The Orion women have crazy-powerful sex pheromones: “They are like animals, vicious, seductive. They say no human male can resist them.”
  11. Dipsy. A freakin’ Teletubby. A bit on the chartreuse side, as greens go, but green nonetheless, and allegedly “stylish”:

    Dipsy is the second-biggest Teletubby, and undoubtedly the most stylish, but being super cool doesn’t stop Dipsy loving big hugs.

  12. Green is generally a popular color for monsters. Like Mike Wazowski from Monsters, Inc.
  13. Wally, the Green Monster. Apparently based on the nickname of the wall at Fenway.
  14. Shrek. Green ogre from the book by William Steig. Also from the movies (2001, 2004 and 2007). Also Fiona.
  15. Various muppets. Such as Green Anything Muppets. Also Oscar (the grouch). (And Kermit, though in his case, green is not too surprising a color. Being a frog, and all.)
  16. The Grinch. The Dr. Seuss character.
  17. The Hulk. Big. Green. You wouldn’t like him when he’s angry. As seen in the 2003 movie, 70s TV show, comics, and more.

wickedbookcover.jpg oscar.jpgteletubbies_dipsy.jpg


12 thoughts on “green party

  1. ericalee-
    Green people unite!

    I’m glad to be of service. (I think.)

    Green hair, huh? I’d forgotten that. Though I think they may be generally orange in overall appearance.

  2. Orion is a constellation, not a planet, so the Orions should be from some planet in the Constellation Orion.

    I remember reading comics books look ago with a very cute and childlike young green-skinned superhero, possibly an early version of Beat Boy of the Teen Titans.

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