a breath of relief

I learned today that John’s friend, the one who was hit by a truck, is doing incredibly, amazingly, almost unbelievably better. Not only is he now out of intensive care, but he is back home. The last I’d heard he was going to be transferred to a rehab hospital, but it turns out that it was only for a few days. He still has much recovery to do, as his injuries were extensive. But, wow. Just wow. I am so relieved, and thrilled for him and his family.

In other much less weighty news, I am also relieved that a party is now behind me. Today was a friend’s bridal shower. A surprise bridal shower. And I was, somewhat unwillingly, one of the instigators. I am one of the bridesmaids, and it was my job to bring the bride to her shower on the pretense of going to a bridesmaid’s dress fitting. And I really don’t do deception well. I can hide things, I’m reasonably good at plotting and planning, and kind of enjoy making stuff up. But I have trouble lying to someone’s face. I’m a terrible poker player, at least when it comes to the poker face part. Then there’s the whole issue of fearing I’ll spoil the surprise. (I did spoil the surprise for a surprise party once, in college. A friend told me that I was invited to a birthday party that a mutual acquaintance was throwing for her girlfriend. He didn’t mention that it was a surprise party, dammit, and when I saw the birthday girl I said I’d see her that weekend, or something. When I realized she didn’t know what the hell I was talking about, I tried to cover it up, but the beans had been spillled. Spilled, I tell you. Damn beans. A word of advice to anyone inviting people to surprise party: specify that it is indeed a surprise party.) Anyhow, I did not blow the surprise this time. I feel that I am now one step closer to being qualified to become a criminal mastermind.

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