I had a marginally eventful day today, with various unrelated things happening that gave me some pause.

  • The first event was being met with this message:

    Scrabulous is disabled for US and Canadian users until further notice. If you would like to stay informed about developments in this matter, please click here.

    I was just saying last night that I needed to buckle down and get stuff done. And mentioned my “other methods of procrastination.” Well, as it turns out, this was one of them: I’ve been playing a few games of Scrabulous (the Scrabble rip-off) on Facebook with a few friends.¹ It’s not a huge time sink, since a whole day usually passes between turns. But I was usually playing 2 or 3 games. (Okay, and I’ve tried a couple of other word games as well. What can I say? I love to play with words.) But now the makers of Scrabble are suing for intellectual property/copyright infringement (and I can’t say I blame them). So no more Scrabulous for me. And seing as I was just hinting at needing to cut down on my procrastination, this seemed to be a sign. Or perhaps a S₁I₁G₂N₁.

  • This evening I also experienced some more signs that my pregnancy is progressing. I’ve had quite a few (painless) contractions and various other sensations that remind me how little time may be left before the little guy makes his appearance. I’m almost 37 weeks along, and as such, I could go any day now. I’ve sort of been counting on having a few more weeks to get stuff done.
  • The final sign of the day was more unambiguously welcome. A box of brownie mix that has been sitting around for weeks (or months) caught my eye. In particular, the directions calling for 2 eggs. We had eggs for dinner last night, in part to try to finish them up before their expiration date. After last night, we had 2 eggs left. Exactly 2 eggs. Eerie, don’t you think? Add to that a craving for chocolate, a mixing bowl out of the dishwasher and not yet put away, and evening temperatures cool enough to consider turning on the oven, and I ask you: could the universe be sending me a clearer message than that?

  • —-

    Okay, there was one more event that happened today that got me riled up, but I can’t say I took it as any sort of a sign. I got into a bit of an altercation with a truck driver in Boston. He was trying to “help” me out of my parking space (which he, or perhaps another truck driver, had half-blocked me into) by yelling out somewhat useless and conflicting instructions. Which were then supplemented by rather patronizing and sexist comments. I was about ready to engage in fisticuffs. Perhaps I’ll have time to share the full rant later, now that I’ll have gained all that time from abstaining from addictive word games…


    Oh, and there was some other good news. A good sign, even, one might say. Phoebe used the toilet at daycare for the first time today. (And second and third.) After my rant just last night. Further, she wore the same diaper home that she left home in. (And no, not due to neglect. Nor due to her stubbornly holding back all day, which did cross my mind.)

    ¹ So, az, it looks like I can’t play for a bit. How does this affect Canadians living in Spain, by the way?

    14 thoughts on “signs

    1. So bummed about Scrabulous. I was going to add Scrabble but my husband convinced me that I had to boycott evil Hasbro and Mattel. And, it doesn’t even seem to work for me. Jerks.

    2. i love when things seem to fall in place (brownie incident).

      like, once when my car veered uncontrollably into the krispy kreme drive through right when the “hot now” sign was flipped on. it was crazzzzy! :)

    3. Why did I not know that you were a scrabble player? Why?

      You still can play directly at Scrabulous…and they email you when it’s your turn.

      As for Facebook word game time sucks, there was a boggle-like game that I was forced to delete.

    4. well, not to be all helpful, but… if you go to (it’s a free game site, with a truckload of different games on there, most of which you can play even if you don’t register to have an account there), there’s a tab that says “word” in the game section, where you will find many a letters-based amusement to further drain your time.

      and best of luck on impending sprouts!

    5. The day I delivered I had buckled down at work, packed all my personal stuff, and finished my turnover. Oh, and I was 37 weeks and 5 days. Just sayin…

    6. I was so bummed about scrabulous b/c I was finally starting to win some games against you!

      Yay to Phoebe for using the potty at daycare!

      Yay for brownies, though, as we recently discussed, I prefer the batter raw! :)

      BTW, notice I’ve been reading your blog, lately?? :)

    7. Julia-
      I may well give online Scrabble a try. I guess I don’t harbor too much resentment.

      I tell you, it was downright freaky. 2 eggs: what are the chances? As for other ingredients, you probably don’t mean oil and water…

      Seriously? The universe works in mysterious ways. But when donuts or brownies are involved, it’s best not to question.

      I probably shouldn’t know about other Scrabulous options. And yes, the boggle-type game has sucked in its fair share of my time…

      Yes, such signs should not be ignored. The consequences could be dire: you could end up without brownies.

      Maybe it’s a sign. Do you have eggs?

      No, no, no! You cruel, cruel woman. Taunting me with more free word games.

      I’m not listening. I’m not ready. (And by “turnover,” you probably don’t mean a baked good. But I would enjoy an apple turnover about now.)

      Yes, I saw your other comment! Wow! Isn’t this better than talking to me on the phone? Why, we haven’t even talked about poop. Oh, wait…

      Well, I guess we’ll have to explore other options. I like the feeling that we were hanging out together outside of blogspace. I hear that I should check out the Scrabulous website. Of course, I should also be doing work now…

    8. Scrabulous is still working in France. I never signed up (I kill enough time on FB as it is), but Jay was able to access it even as of a few days ago.

      Love brownies. And love the “slap upside the head” sign.

      I have also had one chausson aux pommes in your honor. I shall find another one before we leave on Sunday.

    9. Ah, wonderful brownies.

      Maybe that would make me feel better. (The Sergeant left yesterday.)

      And yes we at the goodies…yum yum yum!! Everyone enjoyed them. I’ll be posting pictures this week. :)

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