I crack myself up

I crack myself up sometimes. Really. I have fun writing silly things. And it’s quite gratifying to learn that sometimes I entertain other people. (I’d like to think that they are laughing with me, not at me. But whatever.)

Oct '08 ROFLAnd I’m psyched to say that the fabulous Mad Hatter of Under the Mad Hat has awarded me with an ROFL award for my post covering the election in the Democratic Republic of Pants. Thank you, kind Mad.

Not since Jon Stewart awarded me the Golden Pants Award in my imagination have I been so honored. The award ceremony is today over at Chicky Chicky Baby’s and Oh, The Joys, so I must scramble to find an evening gown appropriate for the occasion. Or maybe clown pants would be more appropriate.

So, please pull up your pants, and join me for the full award ceremony and see what cracks other people up.

This post was brought to you by the word pants, with support from the word crack.

In somewhat related news (seeing as they probably all wear pants) jen, Mad and Su will be posting the Just Posts for October in a few days. If you have read or written deserving posts that address topics of social justice and activism, you can still send in your nominations by the end of the day today (Friday, November 7th). (If you don’t know what I’m talking about, you can check out the Septemeber Just Posts. Jen has some info on how to submit your nominations in this post. After the bit about wine. Or you can ask me what the hell I am talking about. Don’t worry. I’m used to it.)

13 thoughts on “I crack myself up

  1. Okay, who turned m face into a crab. Appropriate, I do think. If this is a set up, Alejna, you are not only funny, you are also a computer whiz. Hey, I am thinking of keeping this icon permanently; it is soo apt.

  2. Mad-
    Thank you for bestowing the honour. And the pants.

    That is absolutely brilliant! And how it warms my heart that you have a “household pants song.” That is what more families need.

    I’m not at all fond of the word panty. Yick.

    Mmm, wine. Mmm, crack.

    I’m glad to have offered up a whole day’s worth of cheer. That’s pretty cool. As for the avatar, it’s an option on wordpress.Previously, I’d had some sort of geometric abstractions, which may have been the default, but around Halloween, I decided to pick the “monsters” option. The specific automatically/randomly generated. Or maybe it intuited your crabbiness?

    My pants and I thank ewe!

    Ooo, sorry about that. I wouldn’t want to be responsible for anyone’s increase in laundry.

    Ah, excellent word choice. “Split” would have worked beautifully. (I also later lamented not using “skirts the issues,” and “slacks off.”)

    You flatter my pants.

    You make me put on my happy pants!

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