spaghetti day

This video just makes me happy.

p.s. Speaking of spaghetti, Holly¹ and I are cooking up the May Just Posts. We’re aiming to serve them up a bit early this time around, so send in your nominations soon!²


¹ …of Cold Spaghetti, mind you.

² You know, I really didn’t mean to work the cooking metaphor, but when there is a metaphorical door open, I have to walk through. Which sometimes leads me down predictable corridors.³

³Apparently this particular corridor led me to the kitchen. Where I put on water to boil.

11 thoughts on “spaghetti day

  1. I LOVE that video!

    Have you heard of It is YouTube, but moderated to only have safe videos for kids. That is where i saw the video initially.

  2. Kyla-
    I haven’t heard of that website. I’ll have to check it out with Phoebe. I stumbled across this on YouTube as a “related” video to one of Phoebe’s favorites. (Likely either “Safety Dance” or “Do They Know It’s Christmas”)

    I’m glad you enjoyed it, too!

    Smiling is good.

  3. That was really cool! Thanks for posting it!
    [I’m working on trying to do content-free commenting…]

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