spaghetti day

This video just makes me happy.

p.s. Speaking of spaghetti, Holly¹ and I are cooking up the May Just Posts. We’re aiming to serve them up a bit early this time around, so send in your nominations soon!²


¹ …of Cold Spaghetti, mind you.

² You know, I really didn’t mean to work the cooking metaphor, but when there is a metaphorical door open, I have to walk through. Which sometimes leads me down predictable corridors.³

³Apparently this particular corridor led me to the kitchen. Where I put on water to boil.

11 thoughts on “spaghetti day

  1. I LOVE that video!

    Have you heard of It is YouTube, but moderated to only have safe videos for kids. That is where i saw the video initially.

  2. Kyla-
    I haven’t heard of that website. I’ll have to check it out with Phoebe. I stumbled across this on YouTube as a “related” video to one of Phoebe’s favorites. (Likely either “Safety Dance” or “Do They Know It’s Christmas”)

    I’m glad you enjoyed it, too!

    Smiling is good.

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