May Just Posts

Holly and I are pleased to share the May Just Posts, the latest installment of the social justice blogging roundtable. This month’s collection of posts cover a range topics. Poverty. Racism. Sexism. Marriage equality. There are also several posts about the impact of health concerns and health care.

Each month, I’ve been sharing a song that speaks to topics of social justice. The song I’ve chosen this month is “Dust Bowl” by 10,000 Maniacs, a title fitting for these lean times being dubbed the “Great Recession.” Natalie Merchant gives voice to a mother struggling to make ends meet for her family. The illness of her daughter leads to additional hardship due to loss of work time and medical costs:

My youngest girl has bad fever, sure. All night with alcohol to cool and rub her down. Ruby, I’m tired, try and get some sleep. I’m adding doctor’s fees to remedies with the cost of three day’s work lost.

I try and try but I can’t save. Pennies, nickels, dollars slip away. I’ve tried and tried but I can’t save. The hole in my pocketbook is growing.

Sadly, many families can’t afford adequate healthcare for their children. SCHIP programs exist to provide insurance to children in low income families. However, many families still fall through the cracks, as they neither qualify for those programs, nor can they afford other insurance options. (For a very personal and eloquent account of these issues, please go read Kyla’s recent post.)

(The sound quality isn’t great in that video. Someone has posted the studio version, as well. )

Please go pay a visit to the blogs below, and encourage the bloggers to keep speaking out (well, keep writing out) for social justice. Let them know that their voices matter to you.

The May Just Posts:


Please also drop by to see what Holly has to say this month.
If you have a post above, or would just like to support the Just Posts, we invite you to display a button on your blog with a link back here, or to the Just Posts at Cold Spaghetti. If you are unfamiliar with the Just Posts, please visit the information page.

10 thoughts on “May Just Posts

  1. *gasp* I heart the 10,000 Maniacs! Apparently that song is Natalie Merchant’s favourite.
    *goes and visits links*

  2. Oh there you go.

    SCHIP was a devastating blow to us this past week, but we’re soldiering on.

    Thanks for highlighting that, the song, and the great list.

  3. i seem to have gone out of my pants. i have MORE pants at my place. I hope you do not feel that I have PANTSED you and stolen your pantsy thunder. My brain is just currently in PANTS overdrive. I am also currently singing show tunes in the key of pants… which may have to be yet another post.

  4. I’m so excited to have clicked my way over here. I love to read posts about social advocacy and to learn more about people’s passions. This is a wonderful idea!

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