9 thoughts on “lions

  1. That is an excellent collection of lion photos (sort of a visual ThThTh, though it’s not Thursday). I especially like that Theo is featured in several of them, which gives a sense of the entirely different scales some of these lions are on. Theo looks so so tiny in that first one! and so big compared to the stuffed lion at the end!

  2. This post made me smile. The ( ) at the end made me smile even bigger. :-)

    Btw, I put up a 18-second clip of a lion roaring in a zoo in Dec. 2008 on YouTube it now has over 500,000 views. Insane is what it is. So yes, I like lions a lot.

  3. What I realized is that we’re not big lion fans here. I would never notice all these quite prominent lions. When my son was about two, he had a stuffed lion that had been his father’s. He actually hated it and kept it outside his bedroom door at night, standing guard. The giraffe slept inside.

  4. Hi Alejna —

    Love all those photos — and Theo can count himself verrrry lucky I’m thousands of miles away because otherwise, I’d be tempted to snatch that super kawaii and soft-looking lion plushie away from him!!!!! :D

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