Life has been more than ordinarily crazy the past few days, so I haven’t managed to get online too much. Specifically, Irene came by (luckily for us, downgraded from a hurricane to a “tropical storm” by the time she got here) and threw us for a loop. (My mother has also come for a visit, but, at least so far, her visit has been far less destructive.) While we have gotten off easy compared to many, as far as the storm that is, our town is not yet back to normal. We are among the lucky 50% in our town to have had our electricity restored. (We had over two days without power and, since our town has no public water and we all have wells, running water.) Our phone and internet may be out for a while, but this seems pretty trivial compared to the damage and flooding that so many are dealing with. (And even compared to the many thousands of people still without electricity in the region.) We are safe, sheltered, and have ready access to food and clean water, not to mention plenty of other conveniences and even luxuries. We have been very, very lucky.

If I have a chance in the next few days, I’ll try to get my laptop out to some place with an internet connection, so I can say more, and even share some photos (both of my neighborhood and of Hong Kong). In the meantime, though, I am rapidly chewing through my 3G data plan for my iPad, so I probably won’t manage to post much, respond much, or visit other blogs. (I also am really slow and clumsy at typing on my iPad, and fear what autocorrect may bring. I very nearly just emailed someone I met at the conference that I looked forward to reading his recently published paprika.)

6 thoughts on “Disconnected

  1. I’m very glad to hear you’ve weathered the hurricane okay (so to speak) and I hope that life soon returns to normal for you (and of course everyone else whose lives have been affected).

    Did you have an emergency supply of water on hand? I can imagine going without electricity for days or even weeks if necessary, but a lack of running water seems considerably more problematic.

    I yearn to publish paprika.

  2. I once used my iPad to send a very garbled sentence to my daughter’s endocrinologist, but figured English was not his first language, so maybe he’d understand it anyway, being a doctor and all. Since then, I don’t use it for email.

    I like that there is a month-to-month option for 3G – I bought it when I took the kids to Florida and they burned through it in ONE WEEK. But it kept them and my parents happy and unharmed, so well worth it.

    I confess to rather enjoying the break from technology courtesy of Irene, but possibly I dealt so well because I’m reading Jeannette Wall’s books (The Glass Castle and Half-broke Horses, for my book club) and they live so simply, sometimes by choice, mostly due to poverty.

  3. What’s really awesome about paprika is that my dad’s published Masters’ and Ph.D. papers were on beer and sesame seeds. Ancient Near Eastern studies for the food win. : )

    It was a heck of storm, despite all my FB kvetching about people hogging our outlets, and I’m glad you and yours are ok, if still dealing with connectivity issues. What amazes me is how quickly we forget how to deal without what are really small things in the larger scale, and how quickly our manners devolve because we can’t confront the fact that our conveniences aren’t around. It makes me want to change all the displays to the Storey self-sufficiency publications and Emily Post books, just for giggles. We waded through with candles, Coleman lamps and old-fashioned books when two days after the storm, we lost power (go figure). The cold showers didn’t kill us, nor did the lack of phone lines. I sent someone a letter. It was kind of awesome.

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