k, fine

Today was Phoebe’s first day of kindergarten. (Yes, this is quite late for school to start. Our school district’s start dates got bumped forward a week due to the massive power outages in the town and schools.) Last Thursday, the schedule first day of kindergarten, was a beautiful, pleasantly warm, sunny day with blue skies and fluffy white clouds.

Today, on the other hand, was rainy. And I don’t mean drizzly. When we stepped outside to go wait for the school bus at around 8:30 this morning, it was raining buckets and as dark as dusk.

Phoebe, however, was very excited for her big day.

Phoebe is ready to go. Mr. Potato Head looks on.
My camera didn't want to focus in the dim light and pouring rain.
Phoebe and John reach the top of our driveway to wait at the edge of the stream running down our road.

The bus approaching. The only shot of the bus I managed due to being unable to get my camera to focus fast enough in the dim light while holding an umbrella.

I have way too much to write about again, but need to get to bed. Things have continued to be crazy, but largely in a good way. My mother just left today after a really wonderful visit. (They always go way too fast.) I’m hoping to catch my breath for a bit tomorrow, at least after I get Theo off to daycare and Phoebe onto the bus and before I drive in to Boston for a lab meeting and a grad program meeting. I have not yet managed to upload my Hong Kong photos, as our regular internet connection is still down after the storm. (John got us a “mifi,” since he can’t do his work without an internet connection, but the service is very spotty, and we are still dealing with data limits.)

15 thoughts on “k, fine

  1. Phoebe looks so proud and grown-up!
    But that looks like horrible weather. You guys have really had enough rain for now.
    I hope you will soon have sunshine and internet service! Good luck! (Actually, as long as I’m hoping, I also hope that you’ll soon have time to post the Hong Kong photos. And that you’ll just have time… Time to catch your breath, catch up on blogging and work, and catch a few z’s.)

  2. Phoebe looks so adorable — happy, proud, grown! I hope she’s enjoying the start of school. (And I’m certain she’ll have a much better Kindergarten experience than the one I described in my memoir post!) I love the photos!

  3. First day of kindergarten – big event in a parent’s and kid’s life. As I sit here typing, I can look above my laptop screen at picture of my son taken on his first day of school. Time flies. It seems like that was just yesterday. Now he is 25.

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