salut de Montréal

Did I mention that I was going to be going to Montreal? Maybe not. Anyhow, I’ve just arrived for a conference. Yes, another conference. (Didn’t I just get home?)

I tried to type up a post earlier today on my iPad, but failed to finish it in time to send it before heading out of my 3G plan territory. So it will have to wait. Or more likely, will just not happen, as I can just summarize here: My passport isn’t feeling neglected. Off to Montreal for a conference. Driving up with the 3 professors I work with. Like a 7-hour lab meeting on wheels. Happily, this is a good thing, seeing as I enjoy our lab meetings. Except it was on my iPad, so at one point, I may have said it was a good thong. The end.

So, tomorrow is the conference. I do hope to get to see a bit of Montreal, but I fear I won’t have much time for much beyond the conference. It runs all day tomorrow, all day Saturday, and then it lets up mid-day Sunday, at which point we plan to get back on the road. I do hope I can squeeze at least a couple hours to see a sight or two, and may lobby for delaying our departure on Sunday an hour or so.

Off to bed with me now.

p.s. I have still been trying to get my photos and thoughts together to post some recaps from my Hong Kong trip. I’m getting closer. Though currently further away.

3 thoughts on “salut de Montréal

  1. Thanks for doing your part in keeping my vicarious life exciting. I have a reminder on my phone that is four months old to go get new passport pictures. Sigh.

  2. I was in Montreal for a conference this year too! I didn’t manage to see much of the city though. I hope you’ll get to see a sight or two. I did go to the Museum of Fine Arts (or whatever it was called in French), which is free if you just go to the permanent collection parts of the museum. Canada is a much more civilized country than the U.S. in that respect. Anyway, I saw some art I really liked there. But you might do better to just wander around in your few spare hours.
    What I especially liked about Montreal was that although everyone spoke French, they were actually nice. (I realize that not all French people are rude and mean to Americans, but my experiences in Paris were not very positive!)
    (Speaking of places we have both gone to for conferences, I just got back from a conference in Barcelona! I love that city.)

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