great so far

Things are going well so far. My mother got to go home from the hospital today, a day later than originally hoped for, but not too much of a setback. She is in good spirits, and happy to be home. She has read all your nice comments on my earlier post, and was very touched. Thank you all for your thoughts!

It’s been a long and fairly busy day, so I’m going to consider getting ready for bed. (Maybe tomorrow I’ll have something of substance to say.)

This photo doesn’t have much to do with anything. It’s my mother’s ginger grater. It’s a great thing to grate things. (Actually, I’ve never used it. I just wanted to say that.) (Also, I took the photo on my last trip out here, back in January. Maybe tomorrow I’ll take some photos so I can post something new in case I have nothing of substance to say.)

4 thoughts on “great so far

  1. I beg your pardon for contradicting you, but your mother being home from the hospital and in good spirits IS something of substance!
    And the photo and caption are fabulous. :)

  2. Very happy to hear your mom is doing well!

    No pressure on you to write either. You’re just as entertaining with your photos. I bet there are all sorts of fun things to photograph around the Cali house.

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