tracks (friday foto finder)

Back in March, I attended a conference in New York City. It was a thoroughly enjoyable trip, and I managed to fit in visits with several dear friends in addition to the time spent at the conference.

I had a poster to present the evening of the first day of the conference, and after a morning of watching talks, I realized that my brain would be completely full if I sat through talks through the whole day. I decided that even if I missed out on some good material in the afternoon, I’d be better off if I had sufficient brain function remaining to allow me the power of speech by the time I was to present my poster.

In other words, I opted to play hooky. For totally legitimate and not at all irresponsible reasons that had nothing to do with the beautiful spring weather.

I started by meeting up with Magpie for a lovely bit of lunch and conversation. I told her that I didn’t have plans to rush back to the conference, but she still had to get back to work. She suggested that I check out the High Line. Actually, upon hearing that I’d never been there, she told me in no uncertain terms that I was required to visit the High Line. And that she expected to see photo documentation.

The High Line, in case you haven’t heard of it (and I hadn’t) is a stretch of elevated railway, a former freight line, that has been converted into a park on Manhattan’s West Side. It stretches for many blocks, with the former tracks converted to a combination of path and landscaping. There are many interesting sights to see along the way, provided by views of the river and skyline, interesting buildings and architectural details and the occasional sculptural installation.

As is my way, I have been slow to share photos. But take photos I did. It was a perfect day for a walk, and I enjoyed the scene and the scenery immensely. There were lots of people out enjoying the surprisingly sunny and warm March day, and the views from the elevated path were intriguing. I took many, many photos. Below are a handful of them.

It was also a great way to spend the day refreshing myself, with fresh air and a bit of exercise, before presenting my poster.

So, Magpie, I don’t remember whether I ever thanked you for your most excellent suggestion. So, thank you!

Lots of people out for a stroll, enjoying a nice long walk above the traffic. (It was so great to be able to walk for blocks in Manhattan without having to go through a single intersection!)

Bits of the old tracks were left here and there as part of the landscaping.

It was very early spring when I visited (technically not actually even spring yet), but there were already some signs of fresh growth among the well tended plantings. (Of course, this was the winter that wasn’t.) I’d love to go back at other times of year to see how things look.

This meandering post was inspired by this week’s friday foto finder theme of “tracks.” It seemed a fine follow-up to my previous paths, too.

8 thoughts on “tracks (friday foto finder)

  1. I’m so glad you went! (Was that really in MARCH?)

    It’s a remarkable and beautiful place, and it looks good in all seasons.

  2. It’s very weird– I know *about* the High Line, but despite the number of times I’ve been to New York since it opened, and despite walking around very close to it (I think?), I’ve never managed to actually see it or walk on it. I guess I must be saving it for a special occasion.

  3. Wow, what a cool concept –and it looks well implemented too! For that matter, well-photographed! I’m glad you finally got around to sharing the photos with us! It sounds like a very nice walk.

  4. Hi Alejna

    A fellow blogger alerted me to the existence of the Highline. If I ever visit New York again, that’d be the number one attraction I’d make for. And your photos don’t do anything to change my mind! :)

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