rock (friday foto finder)

Once again, Archie has kindly hit on a theme that is very well represented in my photo library. This week calls for “rock.” Continuing down my path-filled path of the last few weeks, I felt this was a good opportunity to show another path. This was a section of a path I went on during my wonderful hike with YTSL of Webs of Significance–now shockingly over a year ago!

Most of the trails we went on during our hike were not paved, but there were a few stretches that were. The rocks¹ in the path below were quite interesting. Many looked like they had patterns, which looked to me a lot like the fossils of ferns. However, I’m not convinced they are. In the 3rd photo you can see very linear cracks in the rocks with the dark fern-like patterns appearing to be growing out from the lines. I’m intrigued, and would love to learn more about what might have caused this. Anyone more versed in geology² than I am?

A stretch of path paved with flat stones somewhere on the Sai Kung Peninsula of Hong Kong.

Don’t these patterns look like ferns?

But look at the very straight-lined cracks, and how the dark fern-like patterns seem to grow from them.

¹Really, I’d be more inclined to call them stones, but you know. Theme.
² Geology rocks. It had to be said.³
³ Actually, I do really like learning about rocks. We collect lots of rocks in this house.

5 thoughts on “rock (friday foto finder)

  1. Fascinating! Those “fern” lines could be the result of the roots of mosses or lichens or some such small plant. Especially since they run from cracks or cleavage lines. Interesting choice :)

  2. Hi Alejna —

    It *is* more than a year now since you visited, isn’t it? I got to thinking that as it’s finally turning cooler here in Hong Kong and I remember how hot it was the day we went hiking,.. ;)

  3. Nice! I like how you have a bit of a meta-theme going in this streak of Friday Fotos. Those ferny patterns are beautiful. I agree that they are probably some small planty sort of thing actually growing on the stones. It looks like a nice place for a hike–so lush! In fact, it’s neat to see the ferns growing next to the path, and their shapes echoed on the stones.

  4. So a term came to me this morning after I woke up: dendritic inclusions. What’s funny is that I first googled dendrite, and on finding that it is a part of a neuron, thought “that can’t be right.” But there is also a use of the term in geology. Check out these pyrolusite dendrites in limestone, and the following discussion:

    Pyrolusite is MnO2, and often grows in these beautiful branching forms. It’s totally an inorganic process, but the visual similarity to botanical branching makes pyrolusite dendrites a particularly insidious form of pseudofossil.

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