sky (friday foto finder)

This week’s theme for friday foto finder is “sky.”

These photos are from 2004, taken during a visit to see my mother back when she lived in Colorado. I took these from the highway that runs from Pueblo to Beulah. (Don’t worry, I wasn’t the one driving!)

Montana may be the state nicknamed “big sky country,” but Colorado has pretty big skies, too. Out on the plains, especially, where there are no tall buildings and few buildings or trees of any size, the sky seems somehow more immense than in other parts of the world I’ve seen.

When summer storms come, the sky can look particularly dramatic.

A particularly ominous mass of clouds.

Look up!

I love the way rain in the distance can look like a bit like clouds hanging down in curtains. (Or like the sky is falling.)

I am partial to this photo for the way it captured a very s-like shape in the side road. But the sky looks pretty cool, too.

These photos were from June, which, up in that part of Colorado, is Spring. The bright green grasses you can see in these photos are mostly brown by July.

To see what the sky looks like in other people’s worlds, drop by the friday foto finder blog.

4 thoughts on “sky (friday foto finder)

  1. Wow, those photos make a great advertisement for Colorado! I like the S too (maybe because that’s how my name starts) but I think my favorite is the one with the sign showing an arrow pointing right at the big clouds.

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