twisted mystery tree (friday foto finder: tree)

This remarkable tree is in Golden Gate Park, in San Francisco.

I took this photo on a visit there in March of 2009. (The lovely greenness and sunshine are a far cry from the weather we had today here in Massachusetts.)

I have no idea what kind of tree this is, but I love the way it twists around itself.Anyone have an idea of what sort of tree it is?

This week’s friday foto finder theme is “tree,” and I have successfully found a tree photo. On a Friday, even. (Actually, I have oodles of tree photos. It was once again hard to choose. ) To see what other trees have been found, pay a visit to the fff blog.

And since today happens to be International Women’s Day, it seems an appropriate time to share Shaking the Tree by Peter Gabriel and Youssou N’Dour:

There’s nothing to gain when there’s nothing to be lost
There’s nothing to gain if you stay behind and count the cost
Make the decision that you can be who you can be
You can be
Tasting the fruit come to the Liberty Tree
It’s your day – a woman’s day
It’s your day – a woman’s day

Happy International Women’s Day! Go shake some trees.

Note: if you were to shake the trees outside my house right now, you would end up with a lot of snow dumped on your head.

8 thoughts on “twisted mystery tree (friday foto finder: tree)

  1. I have no idea what the tree is but it is fascinating!

    As for International Women’s Day, here in Australia one of the “Old White Males” who think they have special privileges complained that our female Prime Minister and a number of other elected women were “Destroying the joint”.
    Australian women took that as a challenge and now “destroy the joint” is a part of our political life. It is on Facebook ( ) on Twitter (#destroythejoint) and a website ( ) as well as being out in real life every day.

    Today is a special day for all of society, not just women.

  2. No, not a baobab. I looked it up. And I spelled it wrong in my last comment, too. It’s baobAb.

  3. When I saw your last photo of the snow on the deck I thought that it was one that I had inadvertently included in my last post. That’s how similar our deck/forests look right now. Kind of trippy for me.

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