a bowl of morning sunshine (friday foto finder: morning)

We live in the woods, and for most of the day, our house is in shadows. For a few hours each morning, though, the south side of our house is bathed in sunshine. Our breakfast table in particular has been known to catch some of these morning rays.

This week’s friday foto finder challenge is to share a photo for the theme “morning.” This photo is from September of 2010, and it’s actually one of my favorites that I’ve taken. I loved the way the pieces of O cereal arranged themselves in the bowl to best show off their shape in shadow, and how the subtle fluting of the glass bowl resulted in a radial pattern of bright reflected light.

To see what other mornings have been captured and to share your own, pay a visit to the fff blog.

6 thoughts on “a bowl of morning sunshine (friday foto finder: morning)

  1. Wow, this is kind of amazing, for such prosaic items to make such a beautiful photograph. (But then, I’m not sure breakfast cereal is actually prosaic. It is one of my favorite foods…)

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