full-color fall color

With the gray days of winter looming in the not too distant future, my eyes are savoring the flashy colors of fall. The New England trees are putting on as lovely a show as ever, but the vines and shrubs and even some of the weeds are competing for attention.
red leaves

orange leaves

yellowish leaf

green and red spotted leaves

purple leaves

The first 4 photos are ones I’ve taken with my phone in the last few weeks. The fifth photo is actually one I took with my camera a couple of years ago. I have some more recent photos of this same type of leaves and berries, but the leaves weren’t nearly as purple.

10 thoughts on “full-color fall color

  1. Thanks for sharing some of the fall color! I have seen shockingly little of it, because where I am there are just no trees. ;b I might need to schedule dates to get out to Cambridge or the Fenway or someplace where there are more leaves to admire!!

  2. Fall’s my favorite season. Too bad it’s on the short side in Hong Kong but, hey, it’s still better than not having it all — which is the case in my equatorial Malaysian native land!

  3. Gorgeous! Most of our trees don’t turn pretty colors in winter, but the liquidambars do and they are starting to look nice. They usually last into January. The gingkos have only just started to turn yellow. But, let’s face it. We have nothing on Massachusetts.

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