more multi-colored leaves

I’m thinking of changing the name of this blog to “collecting leaves.” Not really. But I do seem to be sharing quite a few leaves. What can I say? It’s fall, and I live in New England. The leaves put on a show, and I am a captive audience member. Who likes to take pictures.

There are fewer colorful leaves on the trees these days, as the chilly winds of November have blown in and cleared most of the trees. Most of these photos were taken over the last few weeks.

Looking up at the layers of red and green oak leaves in my yard.

This plant is pretty as much for the berries as for the leaves. This is the same type of plant whose leaves looks so purple in my other leaf post.

This plant couldn’t make up its mind about what color to wear, so it decided to try out a different look on each leaf.

I like the way these leaves fell in line on the brick sidewalk in Cambridge, MA.

I was drawn to the flame-like colors of this lone leaf at the playground. (I think it’s some kind of maple leaf, but I’m not entirely sure.)

These leaves are in the shrub at a friend’s house. I was quite taken by what looks a bit like a tan line on one of the leaves. (The yellow triangle on an otherwise red leaf looks like it was a result of the leave below it having previously been on top of it.)

3 thoughts on “more multi-colored leaves

  1. What gorgeous colors! I am a fan of colors. And of leaves. And of colorful leaves. If you keep posting such pretty things all month, I won’t complain! :)

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