a bit shrivelled, but otherwise sound


A month into daily blogging, and I’m feeling a bit shrivelled. Certainly, not all my posts have been fresh and plum this month. However, I did write a few things with some intention, and had fun posting some sets of photos. So all in all, I’m glad I did this again.

I’m amused that there was only one exception to my daily posting success: The 2nd day. I did put something up for that day the next morning, so my grand total of posts for the month is still 30.


What I haven’t managed to do this month is spend time reading books. Since I finished grad school, I have really gotten back to reading again for enjoyment, and this is something that thas made me happy. But it would seem that the time I use for blogging takes up the time I might otherwise be reading a book. So, perhaps tomorrow I will pick up a book after I get into bed, instead of scrambling to figure out what to post here.

I also generally need to get back to spending more time on my research. I have some deadlines coming up over the next few months.


However, I really hope I can keep blogging semi-regularly. I need to figure out a way to commit to blogging, without it necessarily being a daily effort. The “when I feel like it” approach seems to result in many ideas, but not bearing fruit. And I like it when my blog bears fruit (even if that fruit is a bit shrivelled).

How about you? Do you have a blog, and if so, how do you decide how often to post?


5 thoughts on “a bit shrivelled, but otherwise sound

  1. I didn’t know that you were back to blogging, sort of. I’m happy to know that you’re thinking about how you’ll incorporate it into your life [along with reading for pleasure]. I find the same thing as you do: it’s almost an either/or when it comes to blogging versus reading. I love words, but I can only do so many of them in a day! Anyhoo, good to see [read] you again.

    1. Thanks, Ally Bean! I do drop by and read your blog from time to time, but I don’t manage to find enough words left over for leaving comments. You often seem to have some lively discussion going on, though!

  2. You see some of the most unusual things, and make usual things fascinating. Love your photos, love your blog.
    I am struggling with mine. Post heart surgery I am more tired most of the time than I had hoped to be, and when I am tired I read books rather than write. The same old favourites often. What is it that you are going to read, now that Noblomo is over?

    1. Oh, Mary, you say the nicest things about my photos and my blog! Thank you! I have really enjoyed your photos and blog, as well. I do hope that you get your energy back. (For many reasons!)

      I decide to read one of the books by Sarah Caudwell. She wrote only 4 before she died. Enfuriatingly. But I love them so much, I know that I can always get pleasure out of reading them again. The writing and the characters make me smile. I am currently re-reading The Shortest Way to Hades. I keep wanting to write a post about the books, and maybe I will soon.

      Please tell me which are your favorites to re-read?

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