I’m sure there’s a story here.

This is a another statue I saw in PoznaƄ, Poland, during my visit there in June of 2018. It was a statue I passed while walking home from dinner, so the light was rather dim. I didn’t get close enough to see whether there was a plaque. I’m not really sure what would have been on such a plaque. There must be a story here. A young child sits on the back of a dolphin (I think) and squeezes a little fish close to his heart. Both the dolphin and the fish are spewing water from their mouths. Additionally, the dolphin appears to have streams of water shooting from ducts near its eyes. Projectile crying? Perhaps there is a fairy tale here. I’m not sure why there is a dolphin in land-locked part of Poland. But perhaps the distance from the ocean might explain the copious tears?

a few strands of connection


This was a bird in New Lanark, Scotland. A bird who stayed perched long enough to host a little spider friend. (I got caught up in the the sticky threads of going through my old photos looking for things to post that relate to the things I’ve been posting. This photo amused me by providing connections to several of my previous posts.)

The 8-legged butterflies of Nara, Japan

10 years ago, I was lucky enough to go to Japan for a conference. The conference itself was held in Nara, a very old city whose historical monuments are listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. There I visited Todai-Ji, a temple housing the largest bronze Buddha statue in the world. The large wooden temple also housed a number of other statues and decorations, including these giant butterflies perched on enormous vases. (I don’t remember exactly how big they were, and my photos are unhelpful in terms of offering things for scale, but you can sort of make out some people heads in the lower left corner of the first photo.)

I was particularly intrigued to notice that the butterflies all had 8 legs, rather than the usual 6.

I found that I was quite charmed by them.

I’m just rather sorry that my point-and-shoot camera didn’t do as well with the trick low-light conditions as my current camera does. I will just have to go back to get new photos some day.

This week’s friday foto finder theme was “butterfly.” I have posted on butterflies many times before (including a ThThTh list as well as some of my own photos), but somehow had not yet managed to post these curiosities. To see what other butterflies have been collected, pay a visit to the fff blog.

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