9 more kick-ass women movies I want to see

Here is yet another installment of my kick-ass women in movies and TV project. Since I’m starting to have trouble keeping track of which movies I’ve already listed, I’ve started up a master list. So far, it has my first 5 lists, and can be found under pages in my sidebar.

Below is the second list of movies that I should see. (To those of you gave me some more recommendations, Thanks!) As in the previous installments, the movies in this list are ordered chronologically.

9 more kick-ass women movies I want to see

  1. Supergirl (1984)
    I really know almost nothing about this one, but I have fairly low expectations from this US-made movie from the darkest depths of the Reagan era. I’m curious, though. We need more women superhero movies.
  2. Swordsman II/Xiao ao jiang hu zhi dong fang bu bai (1991)
    This Brigitte Lin movie has been recommended to me by a new friend and Hong Kong cinema buff. While I’d been curious about this movie in the past, her review of the movie makes me downright eager to see it.
  3. The Swordsman III/Dung fong bat baai 2: fung wan joi hei (1992)
    If I like the second Swordsman, I’m instructed to see the third.
  4. Bride with White Hair 2/Bai fa mo nu zhuan II (1993)
    I haven’t yet seen this sequel, starring Brigitte Lin, even though I already have the DVD in my collection. I should get to it!
  5. Point of No Return (1993)
    Bridget Fonda stars in this La Femme Nikita/Nikita remake. The reviews aren’t as bad as I’d expect from a remake that didn’t need to be made. (Though how many remakes really do? Why is that folks make remakes of the good movies? Ooh. There’s a fun list to make…seriously flawed movies that should be remade.)
  6. Smilla’s Sense of Snow (1997)
    Julia Ormond stars in this mystery/thriller. I don’t know too much about it, though I read the book ages ago. (From what I understand, though, the movie makes a pretty big departure from the book.)
  7. The X Files (1998)
    This is the movie, which a friend (a big fan of the show) says she found a bit disappointing. It’s probably still worth considering for Gillian Anderson’s famed role as Scully.
  8. Resident Evil (2002)
    Milla Jovovich stars. Based on the game. Has been recommended to me. Have duly added it to my queue.
  9. Resident Evil: Apocalypse (2004)
    The sequel to the above item.

5 thoughts on “9 more kick-ass women movies I want to see

  1. And what about Pretty Woman?! It’s got “Woman” right there in the title!! And Julie Roberts was great in “Ocean’s Eleven”!!!

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