(occasionally) going through the motions

Breaking news! I got a bit of exercise today.

John and I have some exercise equipment in the basement. An elliptical machine and some weights. Believe it or not, we’ve actually gotten a lot of use out of them. And not just for hanging laundry. For several years, we’ve had a tradition of heading down to the basement in the evening, 4 or 5 nights a week, to work out. We’d largely alternate doing weights and using the elliptical. And part of our tradition is to watch episodes of Buffy as we work out. We have the whole series on DVD. And we’ve watched them through a number of times. We’ll sometimes put in other DVDs once we get to the end of the series. But usually, we just watch Buffy. It helps to have something familiar on in the background, so we don’t need to pay too much attention. And the show, with its blend of suspense, comedy and action, tends to suit our mood. Part of our motivation for comes from looking forward to the good episodes. (Because, let’s face it, some episodes are better than others.)

We’ve had periodic lapses over the years, sometimes of several months, even. But more often than not, we’ve managed to keep the schedule going. I even kept up a pretty decent workout schedule through my pregnancy, albeit less rigorous. But last February, something happened. Our lives were totally turned upside-down. And we haven’t been down to the basement too often. (Actually, we even lost a DVD player due to our inactivity. We must have left the disc in with the menu screen on, which meant that the disc was spinning. When we went back down to the basement, a month or so later, the motor was burned out. And then there was the time we discovered mold growing on the equipment, inspiring us to find even more excuses to avoid going back down to the basement.) Anyhow, I’ve been trying to get back to the workout schedule once more, even if slowly. And tonight, I got rewarded with one of my favorite Buffy episodes: Once More With Feeling. Hurray!

2 thoughts on “(occasionally) going through the motions

  1. I actually found your blog when I was poking around the internet for quotative “be like,” but I feel very compelled to say this sounds like a VERY good motivator for exercise. I re-watch Buffy episodes a lot too, but I’d certainly feel a lot less guilty about it if I was exercising while doing it.

  2. Claire-
    How nice to get a comment here. You actually inspired me to go downstairs and work out. (It had been a few weeks again. Sigh.) We’re in season 7 now. (Which, if you do the math about my having written about watching a season 6 episode when I posted this…don’t do the math.)

    Cool that you found me through quotative “be like.” (I was like, “cool.”) What were your motivations for looking for it? Research?

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