back to the rat race

We got back home late, late Wednesday night (or early, early Thursday morning). I had an amazingly wonderful time on my trip, and felt totally decompressed.

Of course, the problem with decompression is the shock of re-entry.

I’m compressed again.

Compression happened pretty quickly. I was hit, knocked down, and run over several times by the realization that I’d gotten no work done at all for over a week. (I managed to read 2 pages of a book I need to read. Does that count?)


Once again, I’m faced with loads of deadlines. Reading for my program requirements. Reading for class. An assignment for class. Stuff for my job. And not a whole lot of time. Rats.


By the way, today marks fourth months of this here blog. And I have a whole bunch of things I meant to write about that I haven’t gotten around to. For example, I have yet to write an “about” page. About me, about this blog, about the term tokens, about about. Maybe I’ll get around to this in the next month or so.

This post also marks my 100th post. Of course, I only wrote 99 of them. The first one was the auto-generated one I got when I signed up for a WordPress blog. And it got so many insightful comments, from a variety of fascinating personages, that I decided to keep it.

5 thoughts on “back to the rat race

  1. Congrats on your 100th post and 4th month blog anniversary! And although I’ve got two posts to go until I reach my own 100th post mark, you’ve made me realize that it was my blog’s 4th month anniversary on March 16th too! :)

    On a different note: Eeeeeeeeeeee…those things in the pics are stuffed rats??? And if so, are you telling me that you own them???????!!!!!!! ;D

  2. YTSL-
    Thanks! Congrats to you, too, on making it to the 4 month mark. It’s so funny that we started on the same day…

    And as for the things in the pictures, yes, they are stuffed rats. They are quite soft and cuddly, and 100% plague-free! And yes, we do own them. We got them at Ikea. They had a vat of rats. We got seven of them so we could have our own vat of rats…

  3. 100 posts in 4 months? That’s actually pretty impressive. Almost one a day.

    Don’t feel bad about re-compressing. I think you did the right thing going away for a bit. I dutifully stayed home for spring break knowing full well that despite the best of intentions and a well thought out to-do list, I would probably get very little done. And guess what, I got very little done. I did, however, attend a talk by the Director of Research at Google, wherein he said that the only way they were able to make any progress in machine translation was to ignore the linguists. Very motivating. I plan to send a group email about the talk at some point. (I sent the talk announcement to CLABU, but it didn’t go through for some reason)

    Meanwhile, just a heads up that I’ve started posting short movie reviews on my lj, since I know you like to be entertained and all..

  4. bs-
    Impressive, or something. I think it’s a result of my obsessive-compulsive tendencies. But just think what I could accomplish if I could harness this energy for doing some work I actually supposed to be doing.

    And yes, I’m glad that I went away. I had a few tantrums on Thursday as part of my re-compression process. (Really, it was not pretty.) But now I think I’ve gotten back to the normal pressure level.

    Hmmm. Ignoring the linguists. Sounds a bit like the “everytime I fire a linguist” thing…And I can’t help if but wondering if when the guy said “linguists,” what he meant was Chomskyan syntacticians.

    And I just checked out your movie reviews, and realized I could add your LJ blog to my RSS feeds. So now I will notice when you have entertainment to offer me.

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