spam spam wonderful spam

Here’s a post about spam to follow up on all of last week’s cheese.

WordPress has a pretty decent comment spam filter, and not too many spam comments see the light of day. (According to my stats page, over 2500 spam comments have been caught by the spam filter in the 6 months I’ve had this blog.) I do still sift through my caught spam periodically, just in case something legit has gotten trapped. Often, I’ll see boring lists of links for hotels or celebrity photos, or prescription drugs, or drug scandals about celebrities who share names with major hotels. Sometimes I see links for porn sites that I really, really didn’t want to know existed. (I’m greatly disturbed by the non-consensual ones…) Anyhow, spam, when it’s not disturbingly offensive, can be downright dull. But lately, I’ve been seeing a trend that makes the task of sifting through the spam box a bit more entertaining: some spam that makes me laugh. I thought I’d share a few with you, though without the links to whatever it was they were trying to sell, and a few of my thoughts in response. (Mind you, these are supposedly left as “comments” on posts. Generally the “comment” has nothing whatsoever to do with the post it’s left on.)

Some spam comments that made me laugh

hot old babes

Hey, I’m not that old. Am I? But thanks for calling me hot.

bangers booty fat intro article

Yes, I’m starting some research on bangers booty fat, and I feel I need a good overview on the topic.

Books about spy cam upskirt.

Ah, yes, those would be in the spy cam upskirt section, which is between the section on booty fat and the books on hot old babes.

wholesale interior door intro

It’s definitely the way in. All the way in.

Fresh news on bag laundry.

Wow! I can hardly contain my excitement!

News about skinny big boob.

Not just big, but skinny big. I can just see the headlights headlines.

Good information source for tushy massage movie.

Wait, are we talking about a feature-length movie of butt-rubbing? Or just a short? I guess that’s why we need a good information source.

Variants of sweet ass.

I’m writing a poem for my true love, and I don’t want to overuse the expression “sweet ass.”

Fresh information about naruto hentai wallpaper.

All the information I can find on naruto hentai wallpaper is so damn stale, and I want to redecorate my dining room with an anime porn theme.

big gay bear introduction

I always suspected that there was more going on between Yogi Bear and Booboo than just stealing pic-a-nic baskets.

Good information source for bowling party bag.

Thank god I finally know where to go for this!

Actual news on car rental toyota category.

Yes, this is the news the masses crave. Hasn’t FoxNews stepped up to the challenge?

Hhgghhg kdfgdg sdgfgt sd gdsgdgsdg gd sdgdgsdg

I found this one to be a bit…gdtfgdgd cryptic. You know what I gsgsf?

:) Hi everybody! Does anybody know what is propecia? What a shirt? I go crazy about this!
I found it here:

Can I just repeat, “What a shirt?” What the hell does that mean? I go crazy about this!

You are The Best!!!

As for this one, I was sorely tempted to let it pass through. Gosh, thanks!


And here, in case that wasn’t enough spam for you, have another helping of spam, spam, spam, python and spam:

6 thoughts on “spam spam wonderful spam

  1. Thanks! I had of course heard, but believe it or not never seen, the Spam skit. Little did they know what it would lead to many years down the road. We can only wonder what we would have called junk email had this skit not existed. “junk email”, most likely.

    And I’m dismayed to find that my latest master’s project topic, “Varients of Sweet Ass”, has been taken. It’s so hard to come up with something original. Ah well, back to the drawing board.

  2. I can’t believe you’ve had 2500 spams caught by Askimet in 6 months! I’ve been going for about 6 months now too, and I’ve only had 147!!

  3. bs-
    I’m so glad that you’ve finally been served up the spam skit. It has certainly left a legacy. And as for your master’s project topic, I have faith in you that you can come up with an alternate. Have you considered something involving the term booty?

    Hmmm…That is quite a big difference. I suspect at least part of that has to do with the fact that you rarely post with tags like “movies” and “ass”. (Not that I use the tag “ass”, but have I used the tag “kick-ass women” many times, and technorati kindly breaks this down for me, as I discovered early on.) I wonder if we get the same kinds of spam?

  4. I dig that hypothesis. I’m a little too erudite for the spambots!

    It’s kind of nice to know I’m not being inundated with spam, but at the same time, number of spams caught by Askimet has been used on other blogs to show off just how popular they are, but I ain’t doin’ so bad.

  5. Jangari-
    I think the spambots just need to come up with more erudite spam. Maybe that should be a goal for me.

    I didn’t realize that people consider spam counts to be a measure of popularity. I find that decidedly odd. Somehow, spam is just not the kind of feedback I want.

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