the farmin’ life

It’s week 3 of my CSA adventure. The farm had a “volunteer day” yesterday, and Phoebe and I stopped by to lend a hand with some weeding. I actually managed to pull up a few weeds and chatted a bit with the farmer and the one other volunteer who was there before Phoebe decided that she was ready to go.

Here’s a photo of Phoebe, picking clover flowers. In the background are the farm’s fields, which have row after row of lettuce. Did I mention there’s been a lot of lettuce?


This week’s pick-up was again heavy on the lettuce. We were supposed to get 5 heads of lettuce. (Yes, 5.) Plus a half pound of mixed loose salad greens. I traded in some of my lettuce for some extra kohlrabi and kale. I also got beets (we got the beets!), bok choi, chard, scallions and garlic scapes. I’m intrigued by the garlic scapes, which are shoots that grow up from the garlic bulbs.

And I really should be in bed now, as I have to get up early and go to work tomorrow. I think I’ll pack a lunch. I’m thinking maybe a lettuce sandwich.

6 thoughts on “the farmin’ life

  1. i am thinking a lettuce sandwich with extra lettuce. and some loose salad on top.

    your dedication is admirable. you can always get a rabbit. nice pets, rabbits.

  2. jen-
    Yes, perhaps a rabbit would help.

    Yes, that’s what I’ve been thinking. Though it seems that most others who collect their veggies are not daunted by the loads of lettuce. Perhaps they have rabbits.

  3. Rabbits or rodent pets certainly seem to be the solution.

    Or you can volunteer to create a lettuce scarecrow for the farm. That might get the message through.

  4. NotSoSage-
    It turns out that I may not need to stage a lettuce protest after all. A woodchuck has been at work, and we may have a dearth of lettuce soon. I’m afraid it’s feast or famine with the lettuce.

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