psychic baby (qu’est-ce que c’est?)

You know how when you’re expecting a phone call, or waiting for someone to show up at the door, it’s hard to settle down and concentrate? Well, that’s how I usually feel when Phoebe’s having a nap.

Even though she usually naps for about an hour and a half, the time zips by. I get her settled, putter around for a few minutes, and usually open up my laptop. To, well…putter. Before I know it, 45 minutes have elapsed. And I think about getting to work. Knowing that I probably have only about 45 minutes.

Today, we were down at John’s parents. (We’d gone down for the weekend to get in a visit before our big trip.) The plan was to head out to the rehab center to visit John’s dad after Phoebe’s nap, and then to go directly home. So, once Phoebe was napping, my puttering included some packing and getting organized. I read some stuff online, answered a couple emails, and did some other puttering and even some work-related stuff.

It looked like Phoebe was going to have a longer than usual nap. She was upstairs, and the baby monitor was with us downstairs.

I’d started reading the new Harry Potter last night, and managed to read about 15 pages before I fell asleep. In this unexpected quiet time, the book beckoned. John was sitting reading his copy of the book. (Yes, we did buy two copies yesterday.) I commented to him that I felt like whenever I settle down to do something focused, Phoebe always wakes up. “I feel like if I sit down to read, she’ll wake up.”

After some more deliberation, and couple more minutes of quiet from the baby monitor, I decided to pick up the book. I sat down. I said to John: “Do you want to time this?”

I started to open the book.

“Waaaaaahhhhhh!!” said the baby monitor.

I slammed the book shut. And there was silence.

Tell me, how did she know?

6 thoughts on “psychic baby (qu’est-ce que c’est?)

  1. That’s crazy! Wait till she gets older, mine is just getting time to sit down. I think,”Oh I have a couple minutes I think I’ll sit down and page through this magazine.” Butt hits seat and there is one of the children beckoning me to do anything from the long list of things children need parents for. Next thing I know I’m standing in front of the sink washing dishes thinking to myself, “Wasn’t I gonna sit down like an hour ago?” They know. They always know.

  2. Argh. I feel that way, too, when there’s a nap happening. Like I’ve got to get EVERYTHING done I need done in that hour or there will be no other time. I do think they can sense your need/desire to have Just. Ten. More. Minutes.

  3. BID-
    Yes, crazy. Thanks for dropping in! (I’d ask you to have a seat, but I guess you won’t be able to swing that.)

    It is eery, the way they can sense things. Even through walls.

  4. KC-
    Yeah, 2 copies. Though it turns out to have been an unnecessary precaution. John finished the book almost instantly, and I still haven’t found/made all that much time for reading.

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