retour de France (und von Deutschland)

We’re back home now, as of about 6:00 p.m., after a fairly long but blissfully uneventful travel day. (No delays, no lost belongings, no mishaps to speak of.) I just put Phoebe to bed in her own room, in her own crib. I will probably keep this short, as it is 2:00 in the morning according to the way my own internal clock has been set. (I just dozed off holding Phoebe, sitting in the glider up in her room.)

It is good to be home, and to be reunited with my laptop. I hope to catch up soon in my blog reading, as well as in responding to comments. (Thanks for all those comments I got during my trip, by the way. Yay, comments!) I really spent almost no time on the computer during the trip, aside from those couple posts, and time uploading photos. I have a bunch of things I want to write about that are trip-related, many of which could turn into posts at some point. Here, have a list:

  • descriptions of food I ate (especially during two final days of gluttony)
  • reflections on using my rusty French (it came back more easily than I thought, but sometimes a bit messily)
  • thoughts on returning to France 18 years after I lived there last (there have been lots of changes)
  • a bit about renting an apartment in Paris for a vacation (it was great)
  • a rundown of activities and sites seen (with photos)
  • a guide to Paris highlights from Phoebe’s perspective (Pigeons!)
  • a few thoughts on our lost stroller, and the sucky replacement one we bought

I’m really going to miss being in Paris. It was wonderful to be able to walk everywhere. To barely leave the building to find all sort of activities. And food. I would have liked more time in Germany, too. The trip went far too quickly. And soon my life will catch up with me again, and I’ll realize that I haven’t done any work in the last couple of weeks, that there were bills I forgot to pay before leaving, that I missed the registration deadline for school, that the house is a mess and that there are another dozen or so commitments and projects that are waiting for me to get back to them. But for now, I’ll just get some sleep, and remain cheerfully ignorant of all those things.

9 thoughts on “retour de France (und von Deutschland)

  1. Sage-
    So true. But I have yet to actually regret a vacation, in spite of all the post-vacation stress.

    Thanks! It’s good to be back.

    Ah, yes. I’m still riding those good holiday vibes. 2 weeks of this or more would be very nice.

    Yes! Thanks for that photo, by the way. I’ll have to post some Phoebe/pigeon photos for sure. (Did you see the video footage, by the way?)

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