11 thoughts on “green day concert

  1. I thought that I had seen all “Muppet Show” episodes, but I can’t remember this one…which is shocking.

    The thought of having the three of them sing any song together is funny, but to do this one… side splitting.

  2. oh, wow. any day gets better when it involves muppets. especially my 2 faves: animal (i had animal sneakers when i was a wee kiddo!!!) and beaker (i have a super beaker action figure right this second!). thanks for today’s dose of hilarity.

  3. morethan-
    I wonder if it’s from a “new” Muppets show? I’ve heard that such a thing exists. Nevertheless, I’m glad to have found it, too.

    I have quite a fondness for many of the muppets, too. Beaker being one of them. And the Swedish Chef.

    Rose Daughter-
    Um…sorry? I hope you’ve recovered.

    Ah, it was new to me. But perhaps it will become like an old friend to me, too.

    It’s hard to imagine a better version, isn’t it?

    Wow, a beaker action figure? That’s way cool.

    Yes, he has hidden away some talent.

  4. As they were collapsing in tears at the end, I was collapsing in giggles. :)

    I don’t remember ever seeing that clip either. Surprising…I just love the Muppets. Gonzo is my fave! :)

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