under the wire (or what I had for breakfast this morning)

Here it is, past 11:00 at night on day 3 of NaBloPoMo. And I’m (moderately) at risk of not getting out my requisite post of the day. There’s a conference I’ve been attending this weekend that is put on by my program, so I haven’t been home a lot.

Mind you, I did have a moment, whilst I was sitting on the floor at the back of a talk, when I considered whipping out my laptop to compose a post. I did manage to control the impulse, in large part because it would have seemed a terrible breach of etiquette. I felt a bit like a junkie, though. “I’ll just post this once. It’ll only take a couple of minutes. No one will notice.” After the talk, I went with some friends to visit a friend who is in the hospital with her new baby. As we sat and visited, I looked longingly at the ethernet cable hanging out of my friend’s laptop. Again, I controlled the urges. And I waited till I got home. I even talked to John and ate a bit of dinner before getting out the computer.

But now this means it’s late. And I’m tired. So I should post something. And seeing as people have been known to joke about having their daily posts degrade to the level of “what I had for breakfast this morning,” I thought I might take up that topic myself. Because this morning, I had a really good breakfast.

    Brown Rice and Berry Breakfast
    1-ish cup of cooked brown rice (short grain brown rice is best)
    1 third-ish cup of frozen berries (this morning I had blackberries)
    a drizzle of real maple syrup (I like Grade B, the darker kind)

    I usually use leftover brown rice, that has been cooked in a rice cooker with a bit of salt and oil (vegetable or olive oil). I take a serving of rice, put it in a bowl, and drizzle the maple syrup over it. I then pop it in the microwave, uncovered, for about a minute and a half. (It’s important to get the rice really hot all the way through, otherwise the texture will have that pasty cold rice texture.) After the rice is hot (and removed from the microwave) I next microwave the berries in a separate bowl for about a minute, or until the berries are thawed and juicy. I poor the berries and juice over the top of the rice, and let it stand for a minute or two to cool. Then I eat it.

The taste is a bit like a fruit cobbler, but with a somewhat chewy texture. It seems almost too dessert-like for breakfast. But it’s very filling and nutritious: high in fiber, low in sugar (depending on how much syrup you drizzle), with a decent amount of protein.

7 thoughts on “under the wire (or what I had for breakfast this morning)

  1. For shame! Next you’ll be posting quizzes and videos! ;)

    As for ‘too dessert-like for breakfast’, most packaged breakfast cereals make my teeth ache just looking at them. Your version sounds quite yummy and healthy indeed.

  2. that does sound like good breakfast material. sadly, i have neither frozen berries nor brown rice. maybe next shopping trip will include both. cereal is getting boring and cobbler has always been a favorite left-over bfast food

  3. I might need a blog intervention, myself (and I’m not even doing NaBloPoMo.) The other day at a friend’s house (who doesn’t know about the blog), I briefly considered ducking into the den where the PC was for a quickie, but decided against it. I’ve even had the urge upon passing by an open office with an unattended laptop once . . .it’s an obsession!

  4. azahar-
    I am not opposed to posting quizzes and videos! They are fun to read. (But I have to resist the temptation to write my own quizzes and edit my own videos.)

    I highly recommend having short grain brown rice around, and I like having some frozen berries in the freezer (which helps with the “frozen” bit) to use when I run out of fresh fruit.

    Hmm. Lunch? I think I may have skipped lunch. And then I had a bagel for dinner. With cream cheese. (A decent amount of cream cheese.)

    I would have thought my own bloggy obsession would have worn off by now, as it’s been nearly a year. But nope, I’m still an addict.

  5. I know how you feel. I had my notebook with me last night and kept wanting to whip it out to write down some ideas, but my mother kept talking, and talking, like she was visiting from out of town or something. Some people.

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